Bognor Regis Business Improvement District

It’s a YES!!!


Make Bognor Regis Better for Business. You voted “YES” for a Business Improvement




Total Number of Votes cast (excluding any votes given on rejected ballot papers): 179 (61% turnout)

Aggregate rateable value of hereditaments of votes cast £7,041,150 (74% turnout)

Total number of votes case in favour of proposal: 143 (80% of votes cast)

Aggregate rateable value of hereditaments of votes cast in favour of proposal: £5,571,000 (79% of Rateable value votes cast)

Total number of ballot papers rejected: 6


This is a tremendous result for the town centre businesses, who will be able to deliver their plan to help make Bognor Regis a better place to do businesses in. This plan BID Business Plan gives businesses a greater say in how their town develops and will help them invest over £700,000 into Bognor Regis Town Centre! Businesses are urged to get involved with their skills, expertise and knowledge to ensure the plan is delivered successfully.


Thank you, to all the businesses that voted and made their vote count!


The purpose of this BID business plan is to set out the objectives that Bognor Regis businesses want to achieve over the next five years. This business plan has been put together following consultation and research amongst town centre businesses.


We have listened to what you have told us is important for your business, and created this BID Proposal and a full Business Plan from
your ideas. The priorities that businesses have identified to create a better trading environment are:


• Promote a positive image of Bognor Regis
• Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
• Stimulate the evening and night time economy
• Better parking


Thank you for supporting this vision to improve the town centre by voting YES!


Together we are stronger and will make Bognor Regis a better place for business!