A BID is simply an arrangement whereby businesses get together, decide what additional improvements they want to make, how they are going to manage and deliver those improvements and what it will cost them. This all goes into a Business Plan, which is voted on by all those who would have to pay. The BID can last for a maximum of 5 years and must be able to demonstrate how it has benefited businesses who have funded it.
There are over 250 successful BIDs in the UK including neighbouring Chichester, Worthing and Brighton all working to promote their town centres to our residents. The evidence that BIDs work is that nine out of ten BID renewal ballots are successful, meaning businesses have overwhelmingly voted to continue their BIDs.
BIDs really do work!

Detailed FAQ sheet: BID Bill Levy QA

As part of the process of developing the BID, local businesses formed a BID Shadow Board of business representatives to support the development of the BID and transition to form the BID Company. The make-up of the BID Shadow Board is shown below.

Business /Organisation Category

Bognor Regis Traders’ Association: Business Representative
Chamber of Commerce: Business Representative
William Hardwicke: Food & drink
University of Chichester: Independent
Reynolds: Independent Retail
Condor Blinds: Independent Retail
Unique Workwear: Independent Retail
Butlin’s: Leisure& tourism
Dream Fitness: Leisure, culture & tourism
Boots: Multi National Retail
Wilkinsons: Multi National Retail
Morrisons: Multi National Retail
Vacant: Observer Representative
Bognor Regis Town Council: Public Sector
Arun District Council: Public sector
Bognor Regis Regeneration Board: Public/Private Partnership
Vacant: Non Levy Paying/Voluntary Contribution Representative

Minutes of the Shadow BID Board meetings can be found here:

Sept 2017 Shadow BID Board TCM Minutes 14.09.17

Oct 2017 TCM Minutes – Shadow BID Board TCM Minutes 12.10.17 Final Oct 17

Dec 2017 BRTCM Shadow BID Board Minutes 14.12.17

Jan 2018 BRTCM Shadow BID Board Minutes 15.01.18

BID Membership Form: BID Membership Form

Directors Nomination Form: Nomination Form for Directors

Roles and responsibilities of BID Director: The roles and responsibilities of a Bognor Regis BID Director

Bognor Regis BID Company Articles of Association: Articles of Association – Bognor Regis BID Ltd FINAL

Bognor Regis BID General Meeting: Agenda, Director Nominations & Update Presentation: BID General Meeting June 18

Love Bognor Regis Presenation: Love Bognor Vinco BR_Members_Meeting_Presentation

The BID is paid for by a levy on businesses rates within the defined BID area. The levy will be 1.5p in the pound of the rateable value of the property as at 1st April 2017. Businesses with a rateable value below £6,000 will not be charged!

Rateable Value

In the Bognor Regis BID, most businesses will pay less than £250 per year. Collectively this will mean over £140,000 per annum and £700,000 over five years to invest in your town centre on your priorities!

The BID Ballot has been called for by Bognor Regis Town Centre Management Partnership, following a Feasiblity Survey, which indicated strong support for a BID. The ballot will be conducted entirely by post by the Independent Scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services.

Ballot Papers will be sent to those eligible to vote on Monday 5th June 2017 for return to them by no later than 5pm on Monday 3rd
July 2017. Those eligible to vote in the ballot will be those ratepayers listed on the National Non-Domestic Rate (NNDR) payers database for
each eligible hereditament (business premises) situated within the geographical area of the proposed BID, with a rateable value of £6,000 or more, and not is not exempt.

The number of eligible hereditaments/properties identified to vote from the NNDR list as at 1st April 2017 is 293. Each person entitled to vote has one vote for each occupied hereditament or (if empty) owned by him or her in the geographical area of the proposed BID. Some businesses may be receiving multiple forms where they occupy/own more than one eligible property in the BID area.

If the majority vote “YES”, the BID will be established in April 2018 and run for 5 years until 2023. Look out for your ballot papers arriving in early June.

It’s Your BID and It’s Your Choice – Vote YES!

The BID levy will not pay for anything already covered by your business rates. The funds collected through the BID levy will be kept in a separate BID bank account and held by an independent not-for-profit company set up to run the BID. The income from the levy, and from other funds raised through voluntary contributions, grant applications and other income will only be used to fund the projects and services you have chosen.
No, it’s probably more important now than ever to ensure the town has the best future possible. By working to retain existing customers, and attract large numbers of new customers, BIDs help businesses stay strong and grow. This is important in the good times and vital when there are fluctuations in the economy.
The current town centre management initiative will end in 2018. There is no budget and no plan to continue this vital work without a BID. This BID proposal would continue the momentum and help the town to reach its potential. Don’t lose this opportunity for another generation – Vote YES and take control