The BID projects outlined in this Proposal have come directly from what you, the Bognor Regis businesses, have told us you want. All activity will work towards making the trading environment better for business.

The key objectives and likely projects for the BID to deliver are:

1. A well-known town centre

To help improve the perception and image of Bognor Regis:


  • Marketing and Promotions to attract the customers and visitors we want
  • Events to attract visitors and local residents
  • Town Centre Loyalty scheme to encourage people to shop local
  • Promote the image of the town through place branding
  • Provide customer service training to raise standards
  • Food and drinks guide to promote local businesses to visitors coming to the town

2. A welcoming town centre

To help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour:


  • Uniformed Ambassador Scheme to greet visitors and help to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Alcohol Free Zone to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve perceptions
  • Support a Security Radio Scheme to help reduce crime
  • Work with partners to make the town centre feel a safer place
  • Work with partners for a better maintenance and cleaning of both public and private environment

3. An active town centre at night

To help stimulate the evening and night time economy:

  • Develop and deliver an evening and night time economy action plan
  • Encourage more branded or quality restaurants and bars
  • Introduce more arts, cultural, music and leisure events in the evening
  • Encourage regular late night shopping and activity all year round
  • Work with cultural attractions like theatre and cinema to offer deals with local restaurants
  • Work with tourism and hotel industry to raise standard of local accommodation

4. Better parking

To help improve access to the town centre:

  • Actively promote the “2 hour free” parking scheme
  • Encourage the extension of the “2 hour free” parking scheme to other car parks
  • Work with stakeholders to improve car parking facilities and the ease of parking
  • Encourage the use of cycling and walking to move around the townThe likely projects to deliver each objective are set out in more detail in the BID Business Plan which can be seen at: www.brbid.co.uk
  1. The BID will be an independent not-for-profit company with a Board made up of local businesses, elected by you and accountable to you. A BID for Bognor Regis means you decide and direct what you want for the town.